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Labuan Bajo

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Labuan Bajo
Labuan Bajo

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Labuan Bajo is located in West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia. It is a small town with several beautiful hills. There are also some waterfalls and beautiful beaches near the city.

For the past decades, Labuan Bajo used to be a fishing town. Most of the people were working as fishermen, while some were on the farm. Now most of them are turning into the tourism sector.

For the last few years, Labuan Bajo has become one of Indonesia’s tourism developments. The central government has decided to develop the city. And it goes to become the gateway to a premium tourism destination, Komodo National Park.

Getting to Labuan Bajo, Flores Indonesia

Labuan Bajo can be reached by airplane, boat, and bus. Below are the best ways to get there:

  1. Flight from Denpasar, Bali to Komodo International Airport. It takes approximately 1 1/2 hours.
  2. Flight from Jakarta for approximately 2 1/2 hours. You will probably have some transit, depending on the flight you book.
  3. Bus from Lombok for 1 1/2 days, including ferry from Lombok to Sumbawa and Sape to Labuan Bajo.
  4. PELNI, a big ship from Bali or Lombok for 1 1/2 days. This big ship is only available twice a month, you can check their schedule directly to the office or online through their website.
  5. Boat trip 4 days 3 nights from Lombok

If you have questions about getting there, you can contact us through our contact form.

Things to see and do

Here are some recommended things to see and do in Labuan Bajo:

  • Visit Bukit Silva in the Northside of town and enjoy the beautiful sundown
  • Take a day tour to Goa Rangko, enjoy naturally salted water under the cave
  • Visit Batu Cermin, a popular cave located just on the side of town
  • Join a day tour of Cuncarami Waterfall and Cunca Wulang
  • Watch the Caci traditional whip fight
  • Enjoy a white sandy beach at Pantai Pede

For information about the other things to do, you can visit Komodo boat trips and find a variety of tour packages that suit your budget.

Accommodations and Restaurants

Accommodation and restaurants are available around the city. They range from backpackers to the stars hotel. Most of the backpackers’ accommodations are located in the main tourism areas, from Kampung Ujung to Kampung Tengah.

Here are some recommended accommodations:

  1. Jayakarta hotel. It is a 5-star hotel that is located on the south side of the main town. The price ranges from IDR 1.500.000
  2. Bintang Flores Hotel is also located in the south of the city. It ranges from IDR 1.500.000
  3. Bay View Garden hotel, ranging from IDR 950.000 per night
  4. La Cecile Hotel and Cafe, ranging from IDR 700.000 per night
  5. Plantaran Komodo resort is located in the North of the city. The price ranges from IDR. 5.000.000
  6. Le Pirate Hotel, price ranges from IDR 400.000 per night
  7. Sunset Hill Hotel, price ranges from IDR 648.000 per night
  8. Komodo Lodge is located in the city of Labuan Bajo. Price range from IDR 500.000 per night
  9. Exotic Komodo Hotel, price ranges from IDR 400.000 per night
  10. La Boheme Bajo hotel. The price ranges from IDR 250.000 per night

For hotel bookings, you can visit or

Restaurants are also spread around the city. Bars, Cafes, and Restaurants are offered on local menus and international cuisine. For the best nightlife, you can visit Sunset Paradise Bar and enjoy live music at Le Pirate Cafe.

Getting around:

Here are the ways to get around the city:

  • Bemo is the public tranport. It costs IDR 5000 per person. Depending on where you want to go.
  • Ojek is a motorbike taxi. You can find Ojek on the street. They are likely to offer you once they see you on the road. Cost is depending on the distance of your destination.
  • Rent Motorbike. This one is the most preferred way to get around the city. The motorbike costs IDR 75.000 per day.

If you are having difficulty, you can ask your hotel staff t arrange them.